Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sometimes You Eat The Bear, Sometimes The Bear Eats You - St

That whole financial disaster, black hole rivaling the Great Depression, collapse of the American economy thing is oh so last week eh? Because from what I can tell this week, Britney has been on a sitcom, Barrack (gasp!) has listened to a fiery preacher man, Bush and McCain say stupid things (okay, that is not news, but it is being reported on)...

Letter from a Moto Insider: How Stupid Execs Ran Moto

This is a great letter from a talented employee at Motorola trying to get a response from the senior management at a company that cannot hold onto any break it has ever been given.

What were they thinking? lolz

Crashes, accidents, injuries, car crashes, mistakes and just plain stupidity.

Ever wonder what the big red button at the gas station does?

Apparently this guy wondered what it did, and just couldn't contain his curiosity. Now, thanks to his stupidity, we know what happens.

Not Hired: The Stupidest Things Ever Done in Interviews!!!

Personnel executives of 100 major American corporations were asked for stories of unusual behavior by job applicants:

Upon further review ... Czabe issues a challenge

"Seeing as how Bobby Knight manages to uncork a new, absolutely stupid idea about how to change college basketball once a week, I figured I might as well join in the fun. I say let's introduce an instant replay challenge in the tournament. Each team gets to challenge a call, once per game. That's it. Any call you want, including NON-CALLS."

What It Costs To Hire A Hitman

For the love of God, do NOT attempt to hire a hit man. If you are reading this web page for actual information on finding a person willing to kill someone for money, you have no chance of success. For you, real hit men only exist in movies. The only hit man you will ever contact, if you are stupid enough to try, is an undercover cop...